Move with a purpose. A phrase we’ve all heard and most have uttered at least a few times throughout our careers. Moving with a purpose does not mean rush or hurry or try to accomplish something quickly. It means to accomplish your task with intention, to get from point A to B with a defined, driving purpose. It means don’t waste time, utilize it. Moving with a purpose doesn’t keep you from tripping along the way, but it does allow you to learn more from those stumbles.

We must keep this perennial phrase in mind as we emerge from a year of uncertainty, abnormality, and stagnation and move into 2021. Move with a purpose, with pride—pride in yourself, your job, your station, your department—and with passion. Let 2021 be the year we stop complaining about things outside our spheres and start making the biggest positive impact we can, when we can and where we can. Let this be a year of progression and action. Aim to be proactive, no reactive. Leave everything better than you found it. Seek to bring together, not tear apart. Take responsibility, embrace accountability and urge others to do the same. Don’t worry if you stumble along the way, we all do. What matters isn’t the stumble, it’s the purpose driving the motion.

”Follow the energy. Work as hard as you can, with all the quality you can manage. Make an impact. Just don’t take things so seriously. Be free to make a few mistakes. Embrace the errors and take pride to admit when you’re wrong.” —Chris Moore